Nurses Get More ATO Tax Refund

Over 250,000 nurses in Australia claim a tax deduction for work related expenses.

Every year, Nurses miss out on thousands of dollars in eligible tax refunds....until now.

Nurses use the TaxFox App to make sure they never miss out on their eligible deductions and tax refunds.

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See what expenses nurses are claiming as a tax deduction

Get Smart tax tips to see what expenses nurses can and can’t claim for tax in each deduction category.

Snap & Store your expense receipts in the app on the go by taking a photo

ATO says: “To claim a deduction for work-related expenses you must have a record to prove it.”

* From Australian Tax Office tax return data for FY 2016-17

Australian Nurses claim over $700,000,000 in tax deductible work expenses

Are you claiming all your eligible deductions?

Nurses earning up $80,000 claim an average of

  • Over $5,000 in educational expenses

  • Over $3,000 in work related car expenses

Compare your expense deductions to the average claimed by other nurses.

* From Australian Tax Office tax return data for FY 2016-17

$9.7Billion in donation deductions left on the table by Australians

Over 67% of taxpayers forget to claim their donations

$12.5B was donated by individuals and only $2.8B was claimed as a tax deduction. **

Have you ever lost a donation receipt or forgotten to claim a donation deduction?

** From and Australian Tax Office tax return data for FY 2016-17

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How Nurses Use TaxFox To Get More Tax Refund

1. Maximise your ATO tax refund

Get smart tax tips to see what expenses you can and can’t claim for your job

2. Compare the average deduction claimed for your job

Compare your tax deductions vs the average in your occupation

3. Log work from home hours and expenses

Claim all your your work from home expenses and hours you worked from home

4. Store your receipts

Save all your receipts safely on the cloud for tax time and never miss out on a deduction

5. Track and grow your tax refund

See your tax refund estimate in real-time as you add new deductions

6. Be 100% organised to get your tax refund early

Easily export all your receipts and summary to make tax time a breeze and be well prepared in case of ATO audits

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I love this app! Taxfox has helped me to be super organised for tax time to lodge my tax returns. There are cool tax stats and what to claim on. No jargon, simple and easy to follow through and info you’d have to sift through so many websites to find.
Can't wait for my big tax refund!

Mo Z

Marketing Manager, Startup

Gone are the days where I have to lodge my tax return before I can find out how much my tax refund will be. With tax fox estimates, I have a better idea of how much I will receive which helps me plan my finances better. The WFH calculator makes it so much easier to claim my WFH expenses. With all that's going on with COVID-19, it's one less thing for me to worry about.

Alok N

General Manager, FinTech

What a great concept, so easy to use and navigate. I really liked how convenient it was to log and upload the needed documents and how hassle free it was especially during the stressful covid times. Definitely feel more organised! You don’t have to be tech savvy to use this so I’ll definitely be spreading the word to friends and family. Really well done!

Testimonials. 5 star reviews image 1

Stephanie B.

Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment

Amazing app which allows you to organise and keep track of your tax deduction receipts at any time. The WFH features are also handy as more tax deductions become avaliable due to changing times.
The functions and layout are intuitive and  provides a great summary for you to lodge your lax return or pass on to your accountant.

Adrian F.

Lending Consultant, Finance

Easy to use! You can upload receipts in one place and log WFH hours at the touch of a button. The stats provided and tips on what to claim are very useful. Has definitely changed the way I'll be doing my taxes moving forward!

Arabella K.

Financial Consultant, Finance